North East Scotland Branch Minutes May 2024 and Rulebook update

North East Scotland Branch Members,

The committee would like to thank all members of North East Scotland Branch for their continued support of the NES Branch and Manchester City.

After last seasons treble, 2024 has been another wonderful year with City breaking all time English league record with 4th successive Premier league title.

This season has been more challenging obtaining tickets for home and away matches, primarily due to the popularity of Manchester City. That said we received 44 tickets for the FA Cup Final and it was great to see all members despite the result!

Yesterday we said goodbye to one of our founding members in Rod Shaw, a top blue, engaging bubbly character and a lovely family guy; father of five, four sons and a daughter.

Please find attached North East Scotland Branch Minutes May 2024 and latest version of Branch Rulebook

NorthEastScotlandBranchRuleBook2024 | MINUTES_NES_28_05_2024

The branch has been significantly increasing in size and we are actively pushing City support in the local community and making watching Manchester City more accessible to all members. With that in mind the key updates to the rule book are focused on localization, membership is now limited to City supporters who permanently live in Scotland. Apologies to the few people who will be impacted by this but the decisions has been made based on feedback from members of the branch and to increase opportunity for Season card and Cityzen members to have an opportunity to attend matches via tickets through the branch,

We have several activities planned for the following months including a day out in Dundee on 6th July and day out in Aberdeen for the Community Shield match. If you have any questions on the above or are interested in attending any of the events then please feel free to discuss attending the events on Facebook page or email

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