Are we getting a raw deal from the referees?

After being on the receiving end of some unbelievable decisions I though it would be beneficial to look at the stats and facts surrounding referees decisions for and against Manchester City this season!

Table 1: Premier League 2015/2016 Tackles, Fouls and Cards

What can we interpret from this table?

Manchester City are ranked bottom for tackles and in the bottom quartile for Tackles per Card yet Arsenal rank second on this statistic highlighting the leniency offered by referees to Arsenal on this measure.

Table 2: Premier League 2012/2013 – 2015/2014 Present – Ref Rank

Table 3: Fouls For against ratio from 2014/2015 season

I then decided to review the major decisions for and against City this season and calculated we are 9 points worse off than we should be due to referee decisions which can be describes as major game changing decisions.

Interesting the same names continue to appear when you review these major decisions; Mark Clattenburg, Robert Madley, Craig Pawson and Anthony Taylor

Table 5 Tackle & Foul per player Analysis

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