Weight loss challenge for Brain Tumour Research (66 days)

I am doing a 2 month weight loss challenge for Brain Tumour Research.

This weight loss will include no crisps, no chips, no chocolate, no alcohol, no sausage butties and no Friday fry ups – going to be very tough!

I am determined to make a difference for this charity, I start on Friday 12/10/2012 and finish on 17/12/2012 (Total 66 days)

I have setup a donations page on the following link: www.justgiving.com/Brain-Tumour-Research-Weight-Loss-Challenge

I will weigh in on the morning of Friday 12/10/2012 and will be looking for people to sponsor me.

I am currently over 100Kg and hope to lose approx. 10Kg in the 2 month period (I figured if people sponsor say 50p or £1 per kilo that works out as about a £5 or £10 donation)

I really appreciate any donation.

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